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What Makes You Smile Before Going To Bed?

Posted by Raunak Mahajan on July 22, 2012

Was pondering upon parameters of happiness when I thought of this: When you hit the sack at night do you smile and feel happy about seeing the next day in the blink of an eye? What is it about the next morning that makes you wanna sleep and travel through night at the speed of light?

Here are a few things that put a smile across my face when I think of waking up the next day:

  • the morning newspaper crossword 🙂
  • the morning cup of tea 🙂
  • the period of solitude and self reflection that I spend in the toilet 🙂
  • the good morning greeting to my folks and hearing their response 🙂
  • the comic strip in the newspaper 🙂

With a little more effort, this could translate into an effective scale for measuring happiness and work/life balance. So what puts a smile across your face?




3 Responses to “What Makes You Smile Before Going To Bed?”

  1. Reading this post just put one on mine 😀 Most kindly yours, D.

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