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The Key To Conquest: Surrender

Posted by Raunak Mahajan on July 23, 2012

Sir Francis Bacon (1561–1626)

“Nature cannot be commanded except by being obeyed”- Francis Bacon, Magna Instauratio

The underlying message urges pursuit of learning the laws of nature in order to master her. The same postulation can be extended to our daily lives. Whenever we wish to accomplish or achieve something, the first step should be to immerse oneself into the essence of that object and learn as mush as possible about it. Only then will we succeed in conquering that which eludes us.Here are some examples,

  • To win over an enemy in battle, the strategist delves into the mind of the opponent. To do this, one must condition one’s brain with information that has molded the opponent’s thought process. Only then can the enemy’s move be preempted.
  • To solve a management problem, in-depth analysis into the parameters that drive the process is a must. Without gaining an understanding of the sequence of events that lead to a problem, the solution can never be arrived at.
  • Before designing a marketing campaign, the marketing consultant must literally live the lives of the target audience. Statistical Data that does not involve emotional factors is pretty shallow.
  • Next time you rebuke your child, try to peek into the mind of the little one and evaluate the circumstances that led to the child’s actions.

In short, to conquer or overcome someone or something, become one with that object. The rest will be a cakewalk.


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