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Move Over Friday…Thank God Its Wednesday!

Posted by Raunak Mahajan on July 26, 2012

Smaller but more regular milestones not only make the journey better but also increase the chances of reaching the destination blissfully. Why then do we wait 5 long days to hit the weekend(in most countries it is Six)? And here comes the concept of Midweek Mitzvah: the ritual of celebrating Wednesday, that poor little day which goes completely unnoticed.

Recently I suggested to my friends to dedicate Wednesday evenings to activities that were different from the daily routine. To do things on a Wednesday that we would otherwise put on our weekend list. This could be partying, get togethers, a round of poker, eat outs, books; anything that brings joy to your life. Four weeks into implementing the plan and the results are impressive.

The continuous bickering that I used to hear from my friends about how pathetic their jobs are has reduced to a rare murmur. Their faces seem more fresh whenever we meet because of the thought that either the weekend or the midweek is just around the corner. Everyone seems to have more time and energy on the weekends because the long list of weekend tasks has been shared with Wednesday. And last but not the least, our dear friend Wednesday does not go unnoticed anymore πŸ™‚

So try the Midweek concept with your group and let me know if you see improvements in people’s attitudes.


3 Responses to “Move Over Friday…Thank God Its Wednesday!”

  1. I like this idea… Thanks for visiting
    my blog! πŸ™‚

  2. Wednesday is the new Friday!

    • Raunak said

      thanks for reading my blog.Really appreciate it! A Finnish friend of mine pinged me saying that in Finland they have a nickname for Wednesday “Pikku Perjantai” meaning “Little Friday” and that party people take it very seriously there πŸ™‚ No wonder Finland ranks so high on the Happiness Scale!

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