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The Living Root Bridges of North East India

Posted by Raunak Mahajan on July 29, 2012

Deep inside the valleys of Meghalaya, a beautiful Indian state, lie the living root bridges. Last year I had the good fortune of witnessing this supreme example of man’s oneness with nature and how such a symbiotic relationship can be translated into sustainable development.

What: The bridges are made by local villagers by extending the roots of centuries old trees across the streams. The roots are still living and are believed to be able to hold thousands of kilos of weight on them.

Where: In the North East Indian State of Meghalaya. An hour and a half drive away from the state capital Shillong is a beautiful place called Cherrapunji (highest level of rainfall in the world is recorded here every year). Two to four hour long treks down the wooded hills will bring you to Khasi villages that house these wonders.

When: The best time to visit is Feb through April.





7 Responses to “The Living Root Bridges of North East India”

  1. These look amazing! Thanks for sharing.

  2. lovely shots

  3. Themightyf said

    Awesome. NE India seems like one of the great last frontiers. Did you make it into any other states there? I know it’s a bit tricky getting to nagaland and some others. Thanks for sharing!

    • Raunak said

      NE is a tough trek. I backpacked across Meghalaya, parts of South Assam,Mizoram,Tripura and Nagaland. Could not make it to Manipur because there was a curfew and left out Arunachal because 20 days on the road left me with absolutely no energy to travel further. Those long bus and shared taxi rides break your back!

  4. Thanks for visiting our blog and “liking” our post. These are great pictures … thanks for sharing!

  5. […] interesting stories about how the number to be bet is decided by different people. Along with the “Living Root Bridges”, this, is a must see in North East India. two young archers joining the […]

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