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I Belong to the Centre Right…As of Now.

Posted by Raunak Mahajan on July 30, 2012

The main responsibility of a government should be to protect its citizens and their rights. That’s it! Nothing more and nothing less. The size of the government and its spending should be just enough to fulfill these duties. Leave the rest to the people.

So which sectors must the Government control in order to “protect its citizens and their rights”? Here are a few that come to mind:

1) Defense

2) Internal Law and Order

3) Education

4) Healthcare

5) Environment

I advocate absolute control and ownership of these sectors by the government. No privatization at all! The implications of these domains to the character of the nation are too critical to be profit driven. Barring these, state’s presence in industry must be bare minimum to none.


12 Responses to “I Belong to the Centre Right…As of Now.”

  1. J. Palmer said

    I agree that the state should offer those services, but I see nothing wrong with allowing private options as well. If the private options prove to be more innovative and less costly than the public options, then two good things can happen:
    1. People can choose a better, cheaper provider.
    2. Government options can improve by using the example set by private options.

    • Raunak said

      Thanks for your comment J. I agree that private options deliver innovation at a faster rate than the government. Ultimately their involvement would be ideal but only when a certain degree of economic parity among the citizens is achieved. And once that is attained, the Government can change its role into a regulatory body. Until then, private investment must be encouraged in developing new products and services in these sectors, but the delivery of these products and services to the consumer must be undertaken by the Government.
      An interesting example is India where demand for schools and hospitals is so high that good quality services in these sectors are beyond what majority can afford. The Government has been forced to step in and demand that Private players reserve 25% of their capacity for the economically weak sections of the society.

  2. J. Palmer said

    Education in America is not too fundamentally different than what you mention about India.

    If education in America were to be completely privatized–as some people want–the poor would not be able to afford to educate their children. This does necessitate government provision of that service, but allowing for private options does not preclude the government from doing their thing as well.

    I do see the argument that privatized options for education, health care, etc. contributes to the further division of the haves and the have-nots, and I agree that striving for more economic parity is crucial to avoiding catastrophe. I just think a purely socialist model for any industry, service, or product has the same built-in risks/drawbacks as a private monopoly.

    • Raunak said

      i agree J…i feel that there is no one clear way to utopia…it will have to be a mix of conservative and liberal beliefs and honesty of those in authority in the state will be crucial to the success of the model..the later is where we in India take a beating…our corruption figures are appalling!

  3. Great, terse post, Raunak. I agree and would say you espouse the government Thomas Jefferson advocated. Less government. You know he actually advised the Republic to burn the constitution every 20 years: Totally eradicate it.
    I think health care, education, communication should all be free. They should be inalienable rights that every citizen has claim to.
    Insofar as public versus private, well, once things get in private hands our American capitalistic machine exploits it for profit. It happens every time. Maybe capitalism needs to be revamped. Every dog has its day.
    Great post!

    • Raunak said

      “burn the constitution every 20 years”! what a wonderful thought. Thanks for sharing that info..time to propagate that idea across India as well. It bewilders me how sacrosanct the constitution is considered by authority..every time someone raises voice against an archaic Act in the constitution, he is derided as being anti-national. People need to realize that constitutions must be treated as works in progress and not the word of God! thanks for your insights into the topic.

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  5. emmawolf said

    OMG! I’m actually more to the right to you on an issue!

    • Raunak said

      and which one is that?

      • emmawolf said

        I don’t think health care should be completely government controlled. At least, in America. I remember a couple years ago, they weren’t doing so great running the big hospital for veterans.

      • Raunak said

        they should use Public Private Partnership (PPP) in such cases. The funding is done by the government while the execution by private companies.

      • emmawolf said

        You’re still more to the right. I think there should be one source of government funding but in a system that allows for private insurance also. Like with Medicare in the US (I always get confused between Medicare and Medicaid). When you reach a certain age, you are eligible for Medicare, but you are also free to purchase secondary insurance. I think it needs to be cleaned up, but I like this idea. I have two cousins that lost their hearing. They were on private insurance, and (after a fight) the insurance company paid for their cochlear implants. My husband has an aunt in Israel who lost her hearing. The government would not pay for her implants. She had to pay out of pocket (a wealth anonymous donor actually paid for it). I think the two systems can be made to work with each other (though sometimes now they work against each other).

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