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Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom in Gandhi’s Land..3 Reasons I’m Mad as Hell!!!

Posted by Raunak Mahajan on August 2, 2012

This post comes in the wake of 5 serial blasts that rocked my city Pune this evening. Details are slowly pouring in but it seems that miraculously no one got hurt. The perpetrators weren’t skilled enough in bomb making I guess. Does that make me calmer? No. It pisses the hell out of me even more! And why is that more upsetting?

Reason 1: Because these home grown terror cells reflect a complete failure of our intelligence agencies. Terror attacks are now being carried out by amateurish and isolated cells and not by organized global networks.  A bunch of novice idiots have the guts and the ability to carry out such heinous acts. Makes a complete mockery of our political system and will. We are governed by a group of retarded politicians who don’t even have the acumen to stop these locally planned attacks. And we trust them with our national security!

Reason 2: The Pune Police just released a statement that this was not “terror” but “mischief”. Are you out of your Godforsaken mind? How can you label something like this as MISCHIEF!!!! What dimwit authorities do we have? So they mean to say that if they catch the perpetrators the only thing they will be charged with is Mischief?

 Reason 3: I pray that the casualty figures remain nil. However, knowing that the value of life has reduced to nada I am scared that a no casualty scenario will fuel the apathetic indifference from the authorities that we have grown so used to seeing.

And this is exactly why I do not want to believe in Rebirth!


3 Responses to “Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom in Gandhi’s Land..3 Reasons I’m Mad as Hell!!!”

  1. That is nuts! That is a good point about how these terrorist acts are being done by amateurs. Acts like this sometimes occur because of high unemployment. I have no idea what the economy is like out there. To label this act as “mischief” is madness. It’s probably the polices way of controlling PR.

    • Raunak said

      good point…we have an ever increasing gap between the rich and the poor.maybe that’s fueling this. Another factor is the abysmally poor record of punishing the wrong doers. One of the terrorists who carried out the infamous 26/11 attacks in Mumbai has still not been executed in spite of the courts sentencing him to death. Instead,millions of dollars are spent by the government on his security in prison! Punishment should be harsh and immediate so that none of the amateur idiots have the guts to even think of doing something like this. Leave the terror activities to the really extreme terrorists who are ready to die for their cause.

  2. You’ve every right to be seething with anger. It’s not ‘their’ homes, ‘their’ families that they’re putting at risk! I get upset when I see military convoys on the roadways and listen to their endless ‘war games’ every night. Living as close as I do to a military base, for many in my neighborhood it’s ‘just what they do’ and have become deaf to the racket. If the town I live in ever really came under attack, I’d betcha anything they’d think it were those night maneuvers at the base.

    Until mankind gives up its fascination with war, we’re all goners!

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