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Of Happiness Ch.2: Desires and Wants

Posted by Raunak Mahajan on August 4, 2012

Desire is an urge to possess, act, or think determined by instinct which in itself is slave to the need to survive and multiply. Want is the expectation to see an event unfold in a way that would fulfill a desire or an ego.

Fulfillment of a desire leads to a condition I have earlier called “Absence of Happiness” while that of a want gives root to “Happiness”. Both these conditions have scales and are not unique points. The degree of “Absence of Happiness” depends upon the importance of the instinct that determines the desire that has been fulfilled. Similarly, the degree of “Happiness” depends upon the degree of desire or ego fulfillment that results from the realization of the want.


Scene: The Big Bang Theory Season 2 Ep. 16

Sheldon: You’re sitting on my spot…… zero zero zero…..

….Penny: Fine. Happy?

Sheldon: I’m not unhappy.

By getting out of Sheldon’s spot, Penny has satisfied his want that she ‘gets off his spot’. The realization of this want results in the fulfillment of not his ego, but of his desire that stems from his instinct of possession and identity. Since the end result is the fulfillment of a Desire, Sheldon feels a state of “Absence of Happiness” and not the condition of “Happiness”. Hence the statement “I’m not unhappy”. The degree of “Absence of Happiness” that Sheldon experiences is mild because his possession of his spot does not in reality serve to a large degree the need for survival and multiplication.

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