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Making My Life Public: Of Astrology,Gods and Karma.

Posted by Raunak Mahajan on August 10, 2012

If you believe in astrology then you would agree that sharing one’s astrological chart is equivalent to sharing one’s entire life. So why am I going ahead with it? Because instead of spending hours seeking answers, I hope that someday an enlightened astrologer will stumble upon this post and be kind enough to foretell my future.

Belief in Astrology serves as a good subject to study contradictions. On the one hand we pray to Gods and are convinced of their abilities to change our fortunes. Conversely, we look to stars and planets to read a predestined fate. Well, if fate is predestined by the position of planets and stars at the time of our birth, then how do Gods have the power to change that fate!

However, Astrology and Karma are two schools of thought that compliment each other fairly well. Karma holds one accountable for his actions by creating a future or next life based on their righteousness. This forms the basis of a predestined fate designed around a person’s karmas. So depending upon the nature of your past life karmas, Gods decide the date,time and place of your rebirth in a way that your next life fortunes (based on planetary positions at time of your birth) conform with the predestined fate accorded to you.

Belief in Karma and Astrology strips Gods of their powers to change your state of being. Which side are you on?

9 Responses to “Making My Life Public: Of Astrology,Gods and Karma.”

  1. Great contemplation! This reminded me of three things: the unit circle, St. Augustine’s “City of God,” and Calvinism. I always loved studying the unit circle because it’s perfect. I think the mind likes things that are perfect. Everything comes together and is explained. Life is not like this, though.

    Book V, chapter 1 (right at the beginning), you will find Augustine arguing that astrology is nonsense because it implies the worship of no god.

    That is what caught me in your blog, that is, that the Gods determine the time, date, and place. This means that the planets are independent because the Gods still have to make this event happen perfectly in coordination with the universe. It is fascinating to me because what does this mean: do the Gods not control everything or is the universe (energy) acting on its own prerogative?

    Calvinism espoused predestination as the will of god. No matter what you do, or don’t, god has already decided your fate. So you could be the greatest person in the world, but if god had decided you’re going to hell, well that is just what is going to happen.

    Nice blog!

    • Raunak said

      thanks for sharing your wonderful thoughts. In Hindu Mythology, Gods are not depicted as the ultimate supreme. They are as fallible as humans and the main differentiating characteristic is immortality. Gods are subservient to Nature/Universe and must abide by the laws laid out by the supreme divine (atman/brahman).
      I see two possibilities. First, even though Gods control the destiny of human beings, they have to do this within the limits of nature as governed by the supreme power.
      Or second, there are no Gods but only one single ultimate power. That power not only controls the movements of the planets and their effects but also decides when and where a person is born. It is easier to manipulate the time and place of birth of a person than change planetary positions each time.

  2. J. Palmer said

    I go by the definition of fate that says it is something predetermined and inevitable. So to me fate is permanent and unchangeable–but I still pray to God in regards to my Earthly concerns and desires.

    I guess that puts me awkwardly on both sides, so I resolve the philosophical conflict by believing that God’s ways are far beyond my comprehension. I am pretty sure there is some scripture to support that somewhere. Whether God creatED or creatES my fate is not really important to me. Just because my mind operates in a temporal world (and therefore in a temporal sense) does not mean God operates that way.

    Good topic.

    • Raunak said

      really well said J! I agree with you that it is not always possible for us to comprehend the ways of God. At best we can only explore, but never be certain. I feel it is important to believe in Him and also recognize our limitations. Thanks for your thoughts and am glad to know of your belief.

  3. I liked you post but failed to see how you tie gods into karma. Could you elaborate please? Also I have had to press the follow button for you more than once. What’s going on? If it happens again, I will advise you that there may be a problem. Possibly it was somehow my fault.

    • Raunak said

      thanx for trying to follow. I just checked my stats and saw that you are not following. This may have happened because you clicked more than once. Try clciking one more time to follow 🙂 Now to elaborate:
      Illustration: Raj has just died. The council of Gods meets to judge his Karmas. The result is an overwhelmingly large amount of Bad Karmas. Gods decide that Raj will have an “X” degree of bad fortune in his next life. Raj’s date of next birth is decided according to the position of the planets and stars that will bring an “X” degree of bad fortune to Raj in his next life. God/s could alternatively be a single supreme energy that decides where and when Raj will be born so as to bear the consequences of his past life bad karmas.

  4. […] Making My Life Public: Of Astrology,Gods and Karma. ( […]

  5. I’ll never figure that out – fate, free will, etc. Maybe our experiences are predestined? Then we choose or pray for an outcome. But is the outcome predestined too? I don’t know.

    It’s cool that you’re into astrology. I like astrology too. For some reason, Western and Vedic have me as two different signs. Western = Leo Vedic = Cancer. I don’t know the difference between the two schools.

    • Raunak said

      interesting questions. I started out believing that outcomes are pre-destined. But I was not convinced of this and have been exploring other possibilities.
      One thing that I am now tending to believe is that maybe outcomes are not predestined. It is our interpretation of those outcomes that is predestined. And this interpretation depends upon our state of mind which in turn is influenced by planetary positions.

      If you are a Leo in Western Astrology, it means that the Sun was in the Leo Zodiac at the time of your birth. Vedic looks at the position of the moon, which in your case was in Cancer at the time of your birth.

      Astrology for me is a hobby and sometimes a tool for me to give back to the society. I do it for free and also am continuously learning with every chart that I read. Let me know if you’d like me to take a shot at your 😉

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