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Travel Diary: Slow Down People!!!

Posted by Raunak Mahajan on August 17, 2012

Ever wondered why as soon as your plane lands,the very moment the front wheels touchdown, a continuous sound of unfastening seat belts fills the aircraft? No matter how many times or in how many languages the air stewardess pleads, there will always be a few smart alecs that free themselves from the shackles long before the flight has come to rest.

And if this was not enough, you will always have that middle aged person/s make a call to his or her eager relatives while the taxing is still on!!! “Yeah, I have just landed.The plane is taxing.” Will somebody please tell them that we could die because of their stupidity!!!

Thats not all.Now that the aircraft has come to a standstill and the passengers on the window seats have shut their cameras (people are always obsessed with video recording a landing!!!), a sudden storm erupts around you.Everyone dashes out of his/her seat to be the first to remove their baggages from the cabin (relax,no one is going to steal it). And then, you realize that since the exit door is going to take some time to open, a long queue of senseless travelers standing in the most awkward positions forms.

God save you if you are on the aisle seat and are calm enough to not mind being seated till the doors open. The glaring, questioning eyes of the middle and window seat passengers will send you to the death row. I have always been made to feel guilty about not being in a hurry. And people, the transfer shuttle is not going anywhere till every square inch of space has been occupied in it. And please, as soon as you board the bus, don’t just stand there, move to more open spaces within the bus so that more of us can get in. At this point it might help to remember that the person who boards the bus last is often the first to alight :)

Even after this race has been won, the time it takes for a traveler to leave the terminal is directly proportional to the time it takes for their luggage to show up on that God forsaken baggage claim belt; which needless to say is every traveler’s worst enemy.The most beautiful girl in the flight always gets her baggage first and leaves.All you are left with is an opportunity to admire every make of luggage manufactured in the world while wiping off the sweat arising out of fear of the airline misplacing your bags!

So next time you travel, relax. Take a minute to admire the complex operations that take place on the tarmac. Glance around to appreciate the newly built terminal.Say thank you to the bus driver who ferries you from the flight to the terminal…Smile :)

P.S: Not applicable to the lucky few amongst us, the business class travelers.


4 Responses to “Travel Diary: Slow Down People!!!”

  1. artdone said

    Very clever text!
    I always think exactly the same thing after landing…

  2. So true. I also cant understand why everyone just starts pushing and shoving to stand even before the doors open.

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