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Bringing Walls to Life: Community Project in a Village

Posted by Raunak Mahajan on August 19, 2012

Earlier this year, my wife Appu volunteered to add color and life to the walls of a Village Community Center. The villages are located on the west coast of India and have some of the most pristine beaches in this country. What began as an individual effort soon translated into a great community project with children and youngsters of the village joining her in this noble endeavor. The images below tell the story of art driving social upliftment.

Kundapur in Karnataka, India is a beautiful destination and I strongly recommend it for those who love the sea. Turtle Bay Beach Resort is the place to stay at and is run by a wonderful host, Abraham Chacko. Here is the link to the resort.





6 Responses to “Bringing Walls to Life: Community Project in a Village”

  1. hey, the paintings are gorgeous. Aren’t aaganwaadis schools for kids?

  2. QTran414 said

    Hey thanks for enjoying my blog over at yesterday. This post of yours on community projects in India hit me. I’m actually profiling a friend of mine’s community architecture studies on how to cost efficiently and sustainably rebuild Thailand’s slum neighborhoods. Hoping to put it up in the next week or two and would love to get your take.


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