• There are three types of people in the world, those who don't know what's happening, those who wonder what's happening and those on the streets that make things happen.

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Posted by Raunak Mahajan on August 25, 2012

Very few opinions on the US elections are supported by facts. This is part of my effort to share OBJECTIVE Election 2012 posts. I am a neutral observer 🙂


I was listening to Lou Dobbs (Fox News) yesterday and he talked about #nobama has been touting that he has deport more illegal aliens than any other president in history, claiming 240K since 2009.

Except there is some fuzzy math going on with these states, in fact that number is much lower but here is how they make the claim. In fact it’s estimated about 19% lower than the numbers reported and what the president is saying in campaign speeches today. The numbers may be even much lower (down to 160K) but this conjecture can’t be confirmed due to the fuzzy math that we are hearing from this administration.

There is a new agency (yet again more government) that has create a program called ATEP (Alien Transfer Exit Program), what they are doing is counting deporting illegal’s out of a state, or area, but here is the obfuscation of these

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