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Posted by Raunak Mahajan on September 8, 2012

A wonderful experience based insight and exploration of Insomnia.


To sleep or not to sleep—you might just have a choice! Personally I’ve been dealing with insomnia for a couple of months now, and from all the articles I’ve read, they usually tell me what happens in my brain OR what can go wrong with my body while I am suffering from sleep deprivation.  We’re taught from a fairly young age how to take care of ourselves. We’re taught later on that when we choose wisely by exercising regularly, eating healthier, minimizing stress, and getting the proper rest each day or night, we CAN mitigate most of the negative responses we may have with regard to the stimulus in our lives. This is all good in theory, but something totally different in practice especially where sleep is concerned.

The problem I have is this:  All these so-called medical professionals, wellness therapists and even government officials forget to tell us that…

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