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He Will,He Wont…He Will,He Wont…He Will,He Wont…He W…

Posted by Raunak Mahajan on September 28, 2012

Factors that will affect his decision to attack Iran.

He Will, if these are the thoughts that run in his brain:

1) Iranians are as extreme and fundamentalist as they come. They believe in the coming of the last Imam who will rule the world. To enable that return, they must wipe out the Zionist from the face of the Earth.

2) Once Iran has the nuclear deterrent, Israel will lose its influence in the region. Its Arab neighbors, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt and Iraq will be emboldened to dictate their terms. They might even form an alliance to attack Israel from all fronts.

3) Iran may give a few Nuclear warheads to Hezbollah to launch at Israel from Syria or Lebanon. This way Iran is not held accountable and saves its arse in the global circus, namely the U.N.

4) The Saudis will covertly support Israel. If there is one country that makes the Saudi king shit himself, its Iran.

5) I will let Iran drop a bomb on Saudi Arabia. To save Saudi interests, the US will jump into the war.

6) Once Israel attacks, the Iranian people will revolt against their own regime.

7) Iran’s most technologically advanced weapon system is the “Suicide Bomber”!

8) Old and unused artillery is rusting and it is time Israel uses it.

9) This is a Crusade and I am Richard the Lionheart!

10) Iranians do not bathe regularly, are a stinking lot and I just hate them.

He Won’t, if his brain is still running.

Your thoughts?


6 Responses to “He Will,He Wont…He Will,He Wont…He Will,He Wont…He W…”

  1. Good Deed said

    I don’t know the gentleman holding piece of paper from picture, obviously I’m not from USA, but your problems meet lots of audience all around the world. I hope not, but somehow I’m sure that war will happen somewhere in the middle east.
    I don’t want to talk about politics, because I lost a lots of nerves with it, I can just say that while hot heads are fighting with words, whole nation is waiting for outcome. I must say, that if USA invades middle east, it will be your end (at least I think so). But I don’t care about borders and diplomatic power. Only I care that there will be tens of millions people killed, drawn and honored in numbers. Never you will see their faces, and more important their dreams. We will never see the dream of a future world from this people.
    So I say beware, and don’t let politicians send your kids on a front and their kids on a holiday…

    • Raunak said

      Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. I completely agree with you. War is not an option.

      P.S.: The guy holding the paper is Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel, speaking at the U.N yesterday.

  2. 1) “Iranians are as extreme and fundamentalist as they come.” And Zionists aren’t?
    2) Kind of inevitable, Batman.
    6) Totally believable. To Western minds.

    • Raunak said

      not my views 🙂 just an exploration of what might be running in Netanyahu’s mind!
      My views:
      If all of history is to be judged, I think by actions, Jews have been the least extreme of all the Abrahamic religions. We all know which one would rank 1st in cruelty, but I shall refrain from naming it 🙂
      I feel Israel will not go into this War without the US.

      I like Iran and its people. They are beautiful!

      thanks again for reading the post and sharing your views.

      • I know these are not your views. From following your posts, I’m aware that you are much more inclusive & open-minded – which is why I love your blog. 🙂 But I must say I believe that most warring nations – esp. where religion is the basis of discord – harbor some degree of extremism in their views – which brings them to the brink or act of war in the first place. So, I guess the point of my comment to #1 is that – as it relates to nations at the brink of or warring over religion-based issues – I find it mystifying that either party should accuse the other of extremity since both parties are engaged in the extreme act of war or the consideration of entering into war based on religious views.

        And, having developed close friendships in both Israel & Iran, I agree with your assessment of both Jews & Iranians. Each country is full of wonderful people with beautiful hearts, and I hope so deeply that peace & tolerance overrides the extremism of war on all sides.

      • Raunak said

        beautiful thoughts! I agree completely with you.
        Extreme nature cannot be based on historical trends but on present day actions.
        Thanks for adding so much value to this post.
        p.s: the city I live in has a lot of Iranian ex-pats. A lot of them. And one of the stereotypes doing the rounds recently is that they don’t bathe regularly and are the biggest consumers of deodorants 😉

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