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More refreshing than the Tea

Posted by Raunak Mahajan on October 7, 2012

Darjeeling Tea is renowned world over. But there is one thing more rejuvenating than the flavor of the tea itself, the experience of standing in one of the Tea estates, feeling the cool tea scented breeze and watching artists work on their masterpieces.

Plucking tea leaves is a skill, one that is mastered through years of practice. And the movements of the plucker combined with her inner calmness, compose a surreal art form. And I was fortunate enough to witness one such display of beauty.

Parting Thought: The Tea plucker earns a daily wage of US$ 1.5 for 8 hours of labor.





14 Responses to “More refreshing than the Tea”

  1. soumyav said

    A refreshing post with refreshing photos! But the real fact remains how meagre the teaplucker earns and still lives with satisfaction! and walks again back the next day wth full enthusiasm for the work.

  2. themightyf said

    I really enjoyed my time in West Bengal it is a lovely state though I never did make it to Darjeeling. Thanks for the post! I don’t know if you do lists, but I’d be interested to see a list of your favorite places in India people should try to see.

  3. roshni15 said

    Lucky you! I’d love to go to a place like this…it’s amazing, the peace, the beauty would just take your breath away!

  4. Surabhi said

    Its indeed an atmosphere compared to none…nice captures!!! You should visit North Sikkim, that’s where the real beauty of NE lies…

  5. $1.5 wow!! Nice pics.

    • Raunak said

      yeah…$1.5 for such skilled and hard labor. Its a pity that the tea leaves these laborers pluck are consumed by some of the richest people around the world! Go capitalism!

  6. Tea gardens, How literally refreshing.because tea for me is an addiction and Tea Gardens – a shrine. Thanks for the “Darshan” ! πŸ˜€

  7. Love Darjeeling tea. Great pictures

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