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When East meets West, Beauty unfolds.

Posted by Raunak Mahajan on October 11, 2012

Inter-mixing produces the most beautiful results, is a hypothesis that I do not yet consider a universal truth. But in case of music and other arts, it sure does hold true.

In philosophy, a society based on political philosophies of the west and spiritual explorations of the east would be a utopian state. A protest led by Mahatma Gandhi and Dr. Martin Luther King would be irrepressible.

I especially love the union of western and eastern music, the sitar being accompanied by a bass guitar or Vedic hymns being sung to western beats. “Govinda” by Kula Shaker remains one of my favorite compositions in this genre. The chanting of the mantra accompanied by the strong background music elevates the listener to a higher dimension. Listen and enjoy!


Would love to hear of other examples where fusion has created magic.

6 Responses to “When East meets West, Beauty unfolds.”

  1. Speaking of mixtures, Alexander the Great, after he conquered a large part of Asia, tried to inter-breed the Persians with Greeks and Macedonians. From what I remember, he held this enormous ceremony where marriages between the two peoples were consummated. He wanted to mix these races. This just came to my mind. Mixture can be good.

    • Raunak said

      that’s a very interesting bit of history!!!thanks for sharing 🙂

      I so want to read more about Alexander. Especially because of his conquests and wars in India. Its just amazing that while Alexander was marching towards India, India was seeing the rise a great king in the making Chandragupta Maurya. Its a pity that Alexander returned from India a few years before Maurya ascended the throne. I would have loved to have read about the two battling each other.

      Persians are a beautiful race indeed. I can imagine why Alexander or any other person would want to do that.

  2. Love this one! Here’s another fave that came to mind as I read this post: Deepak Ram’s “Sacred Twilight” (Beauty in Diversity).

    • Raunak said

      will check that out.
      maybe, if we combine all the religious scriptures in the world, the result would reveal the eternal truth!

  3. Simple beautiful and uplifting….

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