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Joke of the Day: Of Nobel Peace Prize

Posted by Raunak Mahajan on October 14, 2012

In 2009 I thought that the Nobel Committee was on the verge of insanity when it awarded Barack Obama the Nobel Peace Prize. I was not a member of the blogging world then, hence I have no recorded remnants of my reasoning at that time. Now I am, and with no hesitation do I say that the Nobel Committee has completely and absolutely lost it!

Which brings me to the joke of the day.

“This year’s Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded to the EU.”


European Commission President Manuel Barroso said on Friday it is a “tremendous honour” for the European Union to be awarded with the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize. It is the “strongest possible recognition of the deep political motives behind our union: the unique effort by ever more European States to overcome war and divisions and to jointly shape a continent of peace and prosperity,” he said in a statement in Brussels.

My Response:

Are they nuts! Did they really think that nuclear powered countries like France and Germany would go to battle again! Please kill me, if they truly believe that the EU was formed only to avoid military conflicts and give peace a chance. So the selfish economic motives of Germany and France had nothing to do with forming a bloc that would allow free trade, expand the market for German and French manufactured goods, create an illusory sense of prosperity for the smaller countries, pump money into Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy so that they could buy German and French goods and services and in turn, pile on a heavy debt!

What did the EU countries do when right in their neighborhood, the Balkans were burning? Ask the common Greeks how much love they have for their EU counterparts. Remove all the weapons from the EU and open the borders allowing a free for all, hand to hand brawl. Then lets see how much peace remains between the EU citizens.

The Euro zone too was a result of France feeling jittery over the German Mark’s rising influence. The only way to counter it was to push for a common currency. Its funny how the German constitution did not require a referendum to shun the Deutsche Mark and adopt the Euro. Soon enough, we had a zone that had a common monetary policy, but no common economic and fiscal policy. This was a disaster and yet no one did anything about it. Why? Because it was in France and Germany’s interest to keep it like this. It allowed them to exploit the smaller countries in the EU to fill their own coffers. Had they formulated a strict fiscal policy, countries like Greece, Italy and Spain would not have been able to borrow as heavily as they did. This would have reduced their ability to buy German and French products and in turn reduce the latter’s revenues. While Greece is being blamed for its fiscal indiscipline, the truth is that Germany and France wanted it to be like that.

People of Europe have always been for peace with each other. All wars and conflicts have been results of political and economic greed and opportunism. Similarly, peace too is slave to political and economic opportunism. The minute peace ceases to be politically or economically beneficial, EU leaders will show no hesitation in resorting to violence. If the Nobel Peace Prize is deserved by the citizens of the EU, then every citizen of the world has an equal claim to it.

As always, comments welcomed.


23 Responses to “Joke of the Day: Of Nobel Peace Prize”

  1. A gripping life said

    Haha! It’s all so absurd. Well done!

  2. Wrong, it’s not the joke of the day but the joke of the year! And along with Obama’s award it makes the joke of the Century. Great post.

  3. reznuk said

    “Please kill me, if they truly believe that the EU was formed only to avoid military conflicts and give peace a chance.” – read history much? That is exactly what European economic union was designed for. Financial benefits were secondary, the whole idea was to tie Germany in so tightly economically to the states around it that it would never be able to go to war again.

    “The minute peace ceases to be politically or economically beneficial,” – That’s exactly the point for maintaining the union, and keeping existing member states in that position of mutually beneficial financial dependence. Secondarily the more states who were tied in (again economically) the less chance there would be that any single one of them would go to war again.

    The reason awarding the peace prize this year is a joke is because the anti-war reason has, over the last 50 years been, become secondary to the economic reasons for maintaining union. So, yes, it is a joke, but you’ve misunderstood the point I’m afraid.

    • Raunak said

      thanks for contributing to the post. Really appreciate it!

      As you mention, one theory is that the union was formed to make the nations so dependent upon each other that they do not go to war. But that reasoning is what the politicians want us to believe.

      I cannot believe that nations that have shared centuries of animosity will not go to war just because they are economically tied to each other. Economic interdependence is too weak a deterrent. I feel that possessing nuclear weapons is a bigger deterrent to war than economic relationship.

      Yes, the vision to have a peaceful Europe was and is a noble thought. But I find it hard to believe that peace was the primary motivation behind forming a Union, at least not the Euro Zone.

      But I do want to believe what you have mentioned and the goodness of leaders, and hope for Europe’s sake that the union was formed with completely benign intentions.

      Thanks again for providing that view point. Enriches the post and our thoughts!

      • reznuk said

        You find it hard to believe, but you did not have to live through the horrific war that precipitated this desire for peace. (neither did I). It’s easy to be cynical about the politicians of today, and transfer that disbelief to the politicians of the time, but I do believe the politicians of the time were genuine in their fervent desire for peace. You mention this as a theory, but it is the stated official reason, as well as the ‘understood’ reason at the time.

      • Raunak said

        My dad went through a partition of a country that forced millions to move from Pakistan to India in 1947. I lost an uncle in that immigration. He was burnt alive in a train.The same partition saw millions lose their lives thanks to religious hatred and selfish motives of the US and the British.

        My country has seen three wars with Pakistan that saw millions lose their lives.My father has fought in two of those wars.

        My mother’s family was the victim of an ethnic genocide( 1985-1992) carried out by Kashmiri Muslims against Kashmiri Hindus. Alll the Hindus that were left alive were forced to leave their motherlands and migrate to other parts of India.

        In India I see killings every day. When the Pakistani terrorists are not bombing us, the Communist Naxals are blowing up our railway stations. In fact, it has become so common that we Indians have become insensitive to death. And it is sad.

        War is horrific no matter where it took place.

  4. “Are they nuts!” Yes they are…yesterday I wrote about this too:

  5. Ohhhh, okay, I get it! The Nobel Peace Prize is no longer Noble, has nothing to do with Peace, and is no longer a Prize but instead a political chip to play according to which way the winds of power blow. Got it! 😉

    • Raunak said

      and you’ve just won yourself the Nobel Prize for Enlightenment 😉

      I’m going to write an application to the Nobel committee presenting myself as a suitable candidate for next year’s peace prize.I haven’t picked a fight for over a decade and that deserves an award 🙂

  6. Good Deed said

    Well, what other to say. It is absurd to write huge comments and spend energy on showing your revolt and anger on this subject. Actually you can try to rewrite your feelings and say you are angered and mad, but truth is, deep inside we are feeling poor, because we think we can’t change anything… Well, I hope one day we will realize we can change this World, which is, we all know, not designed for us, not for now… Cheers Malcolm !

    • Raunak said

      so true…the world isn’t designed for us,not for now!

      its very easy to become angry and lose hope in this world. I come across people that make me wonder what the height of stupidity and ignorance can be. Everyday, someone raises the bar higher!

      that’s why I so believe in minding my own business and that of my circle.

      • Good Deed said

        I learned not to think what is happening to others, and I learned to mind my own business, but somehow I don’t think we will change this world (not just you and me, but all of us). I became sad with minding my own business, because I need to share with others and I need to live with them… It is making me inner problems for some time…

  7. Eleni said

    Response from SE Europe (Greece): Please, don’t kill me; I will survive this too. But at what cost!

    • Raunak said

      Hi Helene! Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts. Great to hear a voice from Greece!

      The cost is something that cannot be avoided. What is important though is that mistakes of the past are not repeated and for this the government will have to be very disciplined and careful. But its not going to be easy. Germany manipulatively keeps its labor costs low and hence sustains manufacturing. In such a scenario it is difficult for countries like Spain, Greece or Portugal to attract manufacturing and thus create new jobs. The ways of France and Germany must be stopped. And if they can’t then in the long run it is better for the smaller countries to leave the Euro and rebuild their country on their own terms.

      Leaving the Euro will be tough but it will lead to a permanent solution. Staying in the Euro eases the pain but the exploitation will continue forever.

  8. “No-Bells Prize” committee is seriously thinking of introducing a ‘piece-prize'(on the lines of cake-piece) for ‘Sleepwalking’ and our Dr. SM Singh shall be the ‘inaugural-recipient’ ! Amen !! 😀

  9. What I find the really funny part is that a “Nobel Peace Prize” exists at all, considering Alfred Nobel set up the Nobel prize fund using all the money he had earned from manufacturing weapons and inventing dynamite.
    The only reason people take the Nobel prize seriously as an award is that it is a huge amount of money. But the committee which chooses the recipients is just an abscure and small group of Scandinavians. Who really would take their opinion seriously if they didn’t have a vast heap of cash to hand out?

    • Raunak said

      haha…you are right on the money 🙂

      it is a funny contradiction indeed! I love the Scandinavians, especially the Finns, but this selection hurts big time.I hope they get their act together next year. I’m sending an application to apply for next year’s Peace Prize 🙂 My biggest competition is the Taliban!

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Really appreciate it 🙂

  10. WH said

    Agreed! Give me the old days when inspirational people like the Dahli Llama, Nelson Mandela, Elie Wiesel, and Mother Teresa or organizations like Amnesty International, Doctors without Borders, and the Red Cross won. These winners did what was right not because there was something in it for them personally or monetarily, but because it was right. Where did that go?

    • Raunak said

      You are so right! those are the names that brought credibility to such awards.The committee needs to realize that its not the award that makes the recipient, but its the recipient that makes the award!

      With every new day, I’m losing hope in the future of this world. I’m an optimistic guy but things are turning so bad that even I don’t see a light at the end of the tunnel!

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts.Really appreciate it 🙂

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