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100th Post :)

Posted by Raunak Mahajan on October 29, 2012

This is my 100th post. I didn’t think I would last this long but I have. And I’d like to thank my fellow bloggers from the bottom of my heart. Besides being a great learning platform, blogging has served as an amazing ego-buster! My strongly held beliefs have been challenged and in many cases shaken. At the same time, I would like to hope that I have put others through the same torture. At the end of it, we have all undergone a transformation that seemed inconceivable earlier. I couldn’t think of a better 100th post than republishing my 50th post.

Gratefully yours,


My tryst with WordPress: Insights of a new blogger

Last night I published my 50th post. Yes, it is only a number, but a milestone that prompts me to share my experience of living in this man made world. A world where the five elements of nature: words, thoughts, images, comments and ego form the basic building blocks of it inhabitants. So here’s what I have learned and observed two months after I took a travel down the blindside, on this path called…Blogging.

Respect Opinion. Until someone comes up with the Universal Law of Truth, you have to accept the fact that there is nothing right or wrong in this world. Every thought that a citizen of this world shares, has risen out of experience, observation and well reasoned logic. Mind is a multidimensional space. Hence, reasoning can be executed at millions of different levels, each level influenced by a subconsciously embedded experience.  Hence logical reasoning in two different minds can yield two very different results.

Newton’s third law of blogging: For every dumb person on one side, there is an equal and opposite dumb person on the other side. Yes, if you find a post or an opinion downright dumb, the chances are, that the author of that source of idiocy finds your opinion equally, if not more dumb.

Meet the Stalkers: There are certain residents of this world who you will bump into in the “Like” row of every post that you view. Don’t judge them. Some of them truly are avid readers and are contributing tremendously to the goodwill of our world. Yes, a few have motives that only their egos can understand. Over time, you will be able to differentiate the two.

This is a “Thinking Network”: Unlike alien worlds that call themselves “Social Networks”, this world allows you to build relationships that are based on your thinking and not what you wear or what you eat or which fancy car you just bought. Just like on Earth, here too I have acquaintances, friends and close friends. In addition, and most importantly, I have thinkers and contributors. I have made good friends, discussions with whom carry on not only on posts but also through emails. Luckily, this world does not imprison you by limiting your communication channels.

A Number is really, only a number: A venture called “Klout” measures the influence that people have in the virtual world. Their algorithms judge this by not just focusing on the number of connections you have, but on the level of engagement you have succeeded in generating. Rightly So!

A Barking Loudspeaker Gathers No Ears: The key to good living in this world is two way communication. This is not the right world for you if you wish to be a one way broadcaster. Sooner or later you will find yourself alone and suicidal.

No Left, No Right. This is Utopia: The citizens of this world pay no taxes and do not have a government. When down, you will always find someone inspiring you to rise up. Free of cost! We have a one-party political system called Capitalist Socialism.

Etiquette: If a post does not display completely on your Reader, do not press the Like button on your Reader without reading the post. You may not think so, but any person with an IQ over 10 can figure out whether you have done this. If you don’t wish to read the post and still,for some reason known to yourself, wish to like it, at least open the post in a new window and press the Like button on the post page or the home page of the blog. But not from the Reader.

Nothing pleases a Freshly Pressed blogger more than when a new reader makes the effort to read posts besides the one that has been FPed. Do this more often, and add to you good karma count 🙂

And lastly, follow for a reason. I repeat, a number is only a number.

There you have it. Musings of a new and happy resident of the blogging world. Comments welcome.

19 Responses to “100th Post :)”

  1. Raunak: Welcome the the weird and wonderful world of committed bloggers. Your is one of the many I read religiously, pun intended! Keep up the good work and maybe we will meet someday in the real world.

  2. Blogging was much more of a learning process then I expect also. Congrats on your 100th post!!

  3. emmawolf said

    Congratulations on your 100th post!

  4. Happy 100th post, Raunak! I especially like the first one, Respect Opinion. I wish everyone would read this and understand it. Great list.

  5. waynelecheminant said

    Reblogged this on Wayne Le Cheminant.

  6. History of the Ancient World said

    Erittäin hyvä kirjoitus ystäväni! 🙂

  7. Congrats and happy blogging. Very soon it is going to be the 1000th. !!

  8. Cheers to the 100th Post! “Blogging has served as an amazing ego-buster” haha I laughed reading that because it’s so true! I like to think a number is only a number, but reading and browsing through the blogosphere, everyone seems to be obsessed with those numbers.

  9. Cedric Canard said

    Well done on the milestone and here’s to the next hundred. The funny thing about blogging for me is that after each post I am ready to call it my last and then a few days later I find myself writing the next one; almost always inspired by a photo I’ve taken.

  10. Great to know this fact!You are a talented writer, wishing you all the best in your future blogs! God bless you!

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