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I Still belong to the Centre Right

Posted by Raunak Mahajan on November 1, 2012

In one of my earlier posts I presented my views on what the role and responsibilities of a government should be. Then, I really looked forward to following the Presidential Election Campaigns and see if and how my views would change. Today, ninety days after scripting that post, Istill belong to the centre right. A lot of this can be attributed to the utter lack of intellect and logic in these elections. They have left me completely disappointed which is reflected in the absence of political post on my blog in recent times.

However, seeing that we are so close to elections, I publish a final political post to explain my position. Who would I vote for if I were an American citizen?

The federal response in the wake of Sandy has justified Government’s involvement in domains that ensure the safety of it citizens, both from foreign and nature’s aggressions.

A welfare state seems utopic but it might help to remember that whenever the government gives us an impression that it is giving more, rest assured it is taking more from us in good times. This strip illustrates the same. Imagine the father being the government and the son the citizens.

Entrepreneurship is the key to building a progressive state. I live in a country where the opportunities of becoming one were next to zero in the Socialist era. The country suffered and is dealing with the effects of that era even today. We are creating jobs based on funding from foreign companies looking for cheap labor. However we are not creating enough entrepreneurs. Budding entrepreneurs need ease of business and low taxation. Entrepreneurs create jobs. Government does not create jobs. It creates dependence.

In my country, the government doles out huge subsidies to the “poor”. At the time of independence, Indians were in dire need of this support. The entire system seemed like Utopia. But it was like that only for a short time. The system has been in force for over 60 years and we still have record poverty. Clearly, big government supporting those in need has not solved the problem. It has resulted in more people becoming dependent upon government’s gifts. A heterogeneous society with a sizable population might find a welfare state attractive, especially in current times. But over the long run, such economic positioning introduces lethargy into the public at large. While the short term results seem just, fair and idyllic, the fact is that slowly but surely the competitive and ambitious spirit that has ensured evolutionand survival of the human race begins to wane.

During these times of economic distress, I believe that the Government needs to support the country by increasing spending. I support the policies Obama has employed so far. In these times we need higher government spending and balancing of deficit by taxing the higher earning citizens. These are times that call for sacrifice. Obama is doing the right thing. But that is the only good news I have for my Democrat friends. I would not vote for him again.

Re-election will send the signal that people accept his leftist agenda and this will embolden him to make institutional changes that may change the character ofΒ  US forever. These institutional changes will put US on the path of Socialism that is bound to result in an undesirable outcome.

I would vote Republican. I am sure that Mitt Romney upon being elected will continue heavy government spending. In spite of his Rightist talk, he will have no choice but to continue government support for the people. He will not be able to reduce spending nor reduce taxes. However, he will not create institutions and regulations that will steer the US towards the Left. He will keep the US in the Centre and that will be a great position for the country to catapult from into economic supremacy once again. US will have a chance to bounce back. With Obama, this chance will be lost.

On social issues, I cannot agree with the conservatives. However, I feel that Romney will reveal his moderate self once he gets elected. He will have to if he wants to get reelected.

I may be way off the mark here. As always, comments welcomed. I have my armor on πŸ™‚

26 Responses to “I Still belong to the Centre Right”

  1. I agree with you for the most part, Raunak. I don’t actually think that Romney will continue to increase government spending, nor will he raise taxes. (Taxing the wealthiest still wouldn’t put a dent in the bucket.) He will, I believe, slash, as if using a machete, needless government programs. Romney is going to be the next Reagan, I predict — an American president we can all be proud of. His wife described him as a man that would go out of his way to save a dollar. She describes him as, “Tight.” I think he is a natural born “fixer.” I think he is looking forward to rolling up his shirt sleeves and getting to work on balancing this budget. He’ll do it because he was born to do it. When people question his arithmetic I don’t think they realize how brilliant he is when it comes to business and economics. He has a lifetime in the private sector to prove it. I also think he will reinstate the work-welfare bill that had been passed by Bill Clinton. The idea that Obama quietly took the work requirement away from welfare is appalling to me. This is a true indication of Obama’s desire to make the US into a socialist country. He encourages dependency while using divisive rhetoric – he’s all about class and race warfare. He’s a lot of talk and no action. He was in an interview once and he described himself as being “Lazy.” I think this is exactly what we got, a lazy, ineffective president. Don’t even start me on his lack of a foreign policy and the debacle in Libya! Funny, no one is talking about it…

    From a psychological point of view his need to win approval and be liked/adored makes for a poor leader. We need someone who will make the hard choices.

    I’m probably a moderate Republican, fiscally conservative and more socially liberal. A libertarian maybe? Anyway, I’m hopeful that Romney will win, get his hands on the helm and turn this sinking ship around.

    Oh my, sorry for the ramble!

  2. emmawolf said

    “The federal response in the wake of Sandy has justified Government’s involvement in domains that ensure the safety of it citizens, both from foreign and nature’s aggressions.”

    As someone who lived in NYC during 9/11/01, New Orleans during Katrina, and Houston during Ike, the fact that anyone argues against this (especially Ron “apply for FEMA aid, citizens of Galveston” Paul) is frustrating to me. No, government is not always super efficient and non-corrupt, but that doesn’t mean that this isn’t its job and that they shouldn’t have the resources to do it.

    “Re-election will send the signal that people accept his leftist agenda and this will embolden him to make institutional changes that may change the character of US forever. These institutional changes will put US on the path of Socialism that is bound to result in an undesirable outcome.”

    So you think the last four years, when he increased gun ownership, pushed the idea of an individual mandate (an idea that was the republicans’ and the insurance company’s in the 1990s), embraced the conservative idea of cap and trade, etc, etc, he was just joking? Progressives don’t like Obama because he is not as left as we thought he would be. He wasted his majority in congress from 2008-10. Instead of getting real health reform (public option [I want] or single payer [I don’t want]), we got him forcing the American people to give more money to the insurance companies.

    Also, this is probably just me because I haven’t studied economics as much as other people, but can you please help me with the concept of “socialism?” As I understand it, it is government ownership of some things and private ownership of others. I’m really having a hard time distinguishing it from a “mixed economy,” which, as I understand it, means government ownership of some things and private ownership of others and is what the US has.

    As much of a left wing, tree hugging, granola eating, patchouli wearing hippie that I am, part of me is glad that Obama did use his first two years in office trying to make compromises and find middle grounds (with crazies who said it’s their goal that he is a one term president and dedicated their efforts to seeing him fail rather than helping their country), because I know that we can’t be guided by one extreme. We need differing ideas and to reach middle grounds (with people that actually want to compromise). This is why I liked a “mixed economy.” It was described to me that socialism and capitalism were tools in a tool box. You wouldn’t use a hammer to tighten a screw. Some things work better when it is nationalized, like an army. Some things work better when it is privatized and drive by profit, like technology so companies can compete and come up with the best systems or whatever. Some things work better when run by a local government, like police. Some things work better when they are not driven by profit, like health insurance (not health care, mind).

    Come to the left. We have granola.

    • emmawolf said

      I’m sorry, I meant to say increased gun rights. The increase of gun ownership in America since he took office (if any) has nothing to do with anything he did personally.

    • Raunak said

      I was so awaiting your comments on this post πŸ™‚ I knew I was headed to the firing line. Lets see if I can come out alive…here we go…
      I support government role and responsibility in tackling disasters. So we are on the same page there.
      Socialism would be government ownership of “most” things. Infact the bailout of auto companies is an indirect ownership of those companies. I am towards the centre which means I believe in a mixed economy.
      If you read my earlier post (linked in the first line of this post) you will see that we agree on most if not all points. I think you are actually a Centre Right too πŸ™‚

      • emmawolf said

        I’m not. I just acknowledge that we need a center or centre. Granola! (I don’t know if this joke translates well…? Do you have the stereotype of hippies eating granola?)

        If the auto bailout is indirect ownership of these companies, was the bank bailout the same or similar? Does that make Bush a socialist too?

      • Raunak said

        I must say that the US is far far away from Socialism. I completely favor bailouts in the present scenario. They were a perfect example of how leaders need to get rid of extreme positions and need to adopt the middle ground at times.
        All I am opposed to are establishing mechanisms which will lead towards Socialism in the long run. If not Socialism, mechanisms that lean way too left from the center. I would prefer policies that while remaining centrist tend towards the right.

  3. It’s a struggle for me. I am sad that what dominates your thought, and that of the election, is money, money, money. Yet what can I do, money has invaded everything like a cancer. Meanwhile compassion and morality are the purview of ‘leftist’ hippies, idealist and crack-pots. Sad.
    I agree that welfare can create complacency – but I also feel it should exist, we should care for those who need it. My answer would be to offer better welfare to less people. For example, put people in work (don’t offer a chance to apply for a job – just put them in it). If they lose the job through lack of effort they get no welfare. (This is too short a space to do the details but the ‘full idea’ has enough ‘mechanics’ to work).
    Welfare should be earned not just given – but it should be available.
    Also, I read an interesting article that asked the question – how would America have responded if Obama had been aggressive (in his TV debate). It gave convincing arguments that being black, Obama has to be ultra careful in ways his white adversaries don’t. Perhaps this explains his apparent failure to ‘drive forward’ his socialist agenda?
    FInally, I’m not particularly politically savvy, but I thought socialism was less about ‘ownership’ of industry or government, and more about ensuring social care in its broadest sense – pushing for equality rather than encouraging people to stamp on anyone in an effort to get rich?

    • Raunak said

      Thank you so much for sharing you views. I really appreciate it.

      Indeed, Socialism is more about equality. However, human nature does not allow it to be a free system. And because of that, control in the form of regulations becomes necessary and this leads to its downfall. I used to be a Marxist until I realized that human nature renders Socialism impractical. It is a pity.

      My arguments are not driven by money. On the surface they may seem so but the underlying goal is social equality and justice. In my mind, creating jobs and keeping people employed is of paramount importance. Working minds are healthy minds. This healthy mind gets reflected in how the society behaves. Once people are employed, social issues will be addressed in a more logical manner and not driven by religious bigotry. Unemployment really corrupts the mind of the youth and to some extent that of the old too.

      Hence while I support Obama’s high spending, it cannot and should not go on for long. This generation has seen the tortures of a recession. By continuously increasing federal spending we are only making sure that the next generation too feels this torture. The rationale behind this is that instead of letting one generation feel the full impact of a catastrophe, lets share it with the next generation. This is dangerous, because it will create a mentality that will never allow US to rise back in free market capitalism.

  4. I liked this post after reading the comic…. and wished I could take it back after reading the ending. πŸ™‚

  5. I don’t get involved with politics but Romney Central… HA! As he say’s he doesn’t care about the 46%, wants vouchers for health care, cut funds to planned parenthood, wants to rely on the same old energy ways instead of investing in renewable energy… I see Romney taking us backwards not forwards. As they say, we gave Bush 8 years to fuck up we will give Obama 8 to clean it up. Not go back to old ways.

  6. I liked this post. I have to agree with you. I am voting for Romney. I don’t dislike Obama but I believe we need something more than what we’ve had. Whether Rep, Dem, Lib or Ind most agree that America is not on top of its game anymore. However, I will not be attacking if Obama is re-elected. It’s high time we came together instead of keep pulling apart.

  7. Thanks for letting me camp out in your blog for a little while today. I had a great time and tried to leave my campsite as good as when I arrived. I’ll be back!

  8. P.S. I forgot to say that you were way off the mark there………………lol

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