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The 2012 Undecided Voter’s Guide

Posted by Raunak Mahajan on November 4, 2012

One of the best posts I have read this season! To all the analytical pundits out there, this is how it should be done. J.Palmer simplifies it all! do take it with a pinch of salt 🙂

Politic Discourse

If you are among the twelve undecided voters left in America, it is not too late to make an educated selection at the ballot box on November 6th. While the eenie-meenie-minie-mo strategy would likely prove to be just as effective 50% of the time, making your choice for President based on any one of the six following criteria will allow you to logically explain to your uninterested friends and family why you chose the lesser evil that you did.

#1. If you are rich, vote Romney. If you are poor, vote Obama.

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10 Responses to “The 2012 Undecided Voter’s Guide”

  1. If I wrer not so angry with the state of American politics, i would laugh at this humorous post.

  2. Pat Cegan said

    I gave up voting years ago as voting “against” rather than “for” seems absurd. Different names, same lies, greed and power seekers. Besides, the politician in front is never the decision maker. I did not even know who was running against Obama until last week when someone asked me who I was voting for. Love living in the floresta without television. hugs, pat

  3. History of the Ancient World said

    Dear friend, i’ve nominated your blog for Prolific Blogger Award. If you want to accept the award, check my blog for the rules:

  4. emmawolf said

    Very funny! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Yes, I had to leave a comment on all the Jaded Thoughts…

  6. […] The 2012 Undecided Voter’s Guide ( […]

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