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Its not about “IF”….its about “WHEN”

Posted by Raunak Mahajan on November 12, 2012

Proposition 1: Our Life is a sum of Inflows and Outflows.

The more I delve into questions relating to Astrology, God, Fate, and study people around me, a belief is reinforcing itself in me. It is the belief that God fills our lives with equal number of opportunities. Lets categorize these opportunities as “inflows” and “outflows”. Inflows are windows of opportunities that allow entry into our lives. These could be material goods entering our lives, special relationships entering our lives or anything else that gives us positive energy. Outflows are times when we witness a going away of what we feel are important to us and our happiness. The attachment to these things or people being taken away from us is illusory and the pleasure we receive from these things or people is nothing but a product of our senses and/or ego. Our Life is made up of these inflows and outflows.

Proposition 2: Law of Natural Equilibrium

Number of Inflows=Number of Outflows=Universal Constant

We tend to forget that our life is not over till it actually is. Genesis as well as Vedic astrology considers a human’s life to be 120 years long. Thanks to lifestyle changes we have reduced it to around 75 years. So, by natural laws we still have 75 years to live. We should not judge God or His kindness on us by taking into consideration only 30 or 40 years of our lives.

In the long run, the number of inflows that God blesses us with are always equal to the number of outflows. And this number is the same for every individual. This is the universal constant.

Proposition 3: Karma determines the timing of the Inflows and Outflows

While as stated above, the number of Inflows and Outflows is the same, God rewards and punishes human beings for their past life karmas by changing the timing of occurence of these inflows and outflows in a person’s life. If He wishes to reward you during your youth, He will bless you with a phase where a number of inflows will come into your life one after another. Similarly, He might punish you during your middle age by filling your life with consecutive outflows. This, God fixes by judging your past life Karmas and then aligning your astrological planets to reward or punish you accordingly.

Proposition 4: Change is around the corner

Following the above stated propositions, it is evident that one of the keys to Happiness is knowing that nothing is forever. At times when inflows are prevalent in your life, be aware that a time of outflow is around the corner. Save for that time. Recall how Joseph (son of Jacob) saved Egypt by storing grain during the seven years of abundance to provide for the years of famine that followed.

Similarily, during phases in your life when outflows are weighing heavily on your mind, creating anxiety, fear and suspicion, know that God has not abandoned you. Good times are around the corner. Just hold on.

Proposition 5: Happiness is a state of mind and not meant to be connected to inflows and outflows. The one who has achieved this separation of Happiness from Inflows and Outflows, achieves eternal bliss and enlightenment.

It is not a question of “If”, but “When” does God want you to get the things you desire. And your past life karmas have a lot to do with that.

Comments welcomed.

21 Responses to “Its not about “IF”….its about “WHEN””

  1. This is fascinating, Raunak. I love thinking about all of the possibilities. I do feel the yin and the yang or the opposition in all things. I’m also very aware that when I’m enjoying life and it’s good and easy that something challenging is around the corner. And I’m always right. Currently I’m in the down cycle.
    The only thing I question is whether God actually plans these events or whether they come by their own natural consequence?
    I tend to think we are here in mortality experiencing time away from God and have been given our agency to do with our lives what we want. I see it more like a test of sorts, with lots of challenges and opportunities for growth. God knows what the outcome will be but his knowing doesn’t interfere with our journey here.
    Isn’t it interesting that your proposition, the inflow and outflow, does seem to be present in our lives. It makes me think there is truth in our beliefs. Very interesting.

    • Raunak said

      Lisa, I sincerely hope and pray that your up cycle begins very soon indeed.
      In some of my earlier posts I was debating whether God is subservient to nature or both are the same. The latter reasoning seemed more logical.
      I think that the ultimate decision maker is your Karma. This instructs God/Nature to mold your life in a way that will reward/punish you according to what you deserve.
      This God does by making you come into this world on a particular date,time and place. The placement of the planets governmed by these parameters will then have a say in how your life progresses. This is where astrology comes in to tell you of the ups and downs.

      • So interesting… I’ve actually always believed in astrology as perhaps the way God organized us. In the book of Genesis the word “Created” translates as “organized” in Hebrew. It would make sense that we were organized to be born at certain times, right? Also, to back up this theory, especially if you’re a Christian, is the scientific data (At least I saw a science show on TV about this!) that states that on the day that Jesus was born (April something?) the stars/planets would never align that way again. I found that very curious…
        I’m someone who believes that there is room for astrology in Christian belief. Most people would think that’s blasphemous but I think that God is nothing, if not orderly and organized, also bound by His own laws of science. Thoughts?

      • Raunak said

        Lisa, you’ve put ut really beautifully. God bound by the very rules that He devised. Wow! And organized is such a better way to describe the world than created.
        you’ve added immense value to this post and to me. Thank you so much. It is all falling in place now…this is awesome. Karma,God,Astrology,Nature and Science are finally getting reconciled in my mind. Eureka!Eureka!

  2. Hey, all your propositions are so true and so simple when you read them but I don’t know why we are not able to bring them into practice…

  3. Tina said

    Definitely enjoyed reading this! I’ve recently read “The Prophet” by Kahlil Gibran, and it’s certainly become one of my favorites.. you should check it out if you haven’t. Highly recommended. It came to mind, after I read this post!

  4. soumyav said

    Great philosophy Raunak! I agree with you! Happiness is always present we have to feel it,irrespective of anything..

  5. Childress John R. said

    Life is a tough teacher, she gives the test first and the lesson afterwards! Great post, Raunak.

  6. Good Deed said

    Great post, great thinking 😀

  7. Just now I was thinking of the same thing:

    Happiness is indeed a state without object. So I like the way you put it:

    “Happiness is a state of mind and not meant to be connected to inflows and outflows. The one who has achieved this separation of Happiness from Inflows and Outflows, achieves eternal bliss and enlightenment.”

    Bliss is Now, Enlightenment is Now, the Object-less is now, Freedom is knowing this Now 🙂

    • Raunak said

      Julien,this is one of my favorite posts and am so glad you like it. Thanks! I am now playing with the thought of how simple it is to attain happiness..unfortunately we have abandoned simplicity and with it our ability to be happy.

  8. I have nominated you for A Very Inspiring Blogger Award- congratulations! Please see the link

  9. SWHE said

    I agree with everything else in your post. But I do not agree with Karma being connected with past life actions. We reap what we sow, in this life itself my friend.

    Second, if there is a natural equilibrium, then the path to happiness i misery. Think about it – More unhappy you are, more happiness needs to find you afterwards. Ha ha 🙂

    • Raunak said

      well said 🙂 but the path to happiness is not always misery…I do not see a connect between being happy and seeing struggles in ones lives. I could have the most struggles in my life, yet be happy. don’t you think so?

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