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A Glimpse of Diwali

Posted by Raunak Mahajan on November 14, 2012

Yesterday was my favorite festival, Diwali. A festival that sees a mass migration across India. It is a time when one returns home to be with relatives. Diwali has shaped one of the most important decisions in my life, the decision to return to India. I loved being abroad. Enjoyed Finland a lot and had a ball in New York. But the fact of being away from my loved ones hit me the most on Diwali. I remember the first Diwali outside India. Everything was eerily silent and somewhere deep in my subconscious mind I decided that I would return to India. So every Diwali now, I look up at the heavens and thank God for letting me be with my family and my loved ones. I left opportunities on Wall Street in exchange for the millions I made in the form of moments I spend with my family. Not every person is as lucky, some out of choice and others out of circumstances.

Here are a few images from last evening. Gone are the days when I used to burst loud and dangerous firecrackers. Nowadays, its more subdued. But the magic still remains. Happy Diwali everyone 🙂

15 Responses to “A Glimpse of Diwali”

  1. I too love Diwali and for some reason its something that you have to have to return home for….

  2. Childress John R. said

    Traditions are what make us whole! Enjoy

  3. Ajay Kaul said

    Nostalgia! Thanksfor sharing!

  4. This made me feel homesick too! There are many streets in London where nearly all the residents are Indians and they fill their front gardens and windows with candles when Diwali comes. I used to visit some very dear friends each year and walk along to street with them each Diwali greeting everyone. Since it falls close to Guy Fawkes night – our fireworks bonanza in the UK – the Indians in England enjoy the fireworks in their English context, and go for the more serence beauty of the candles instead for Diwali.
    My very beloved friend passed away this year and so these lovely memories have turned bittersweet for me. I’m afraid just thinking about how much I miss her has made me start to cry now.

  5. Misaal Shah said

    Happy Diwali and New year buddy.

  6. The one thing I can’t bear during Diwali is the crackers. I love watching fireworks though I’m kind of scared of lighting them myself 😛 :D. Great photos.

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