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My mind today

Posted by Raunak Mahajan on January 8, 2013

Its cold here. A lot of you may think that 3 degrees Celsius is nothing to fear, but in India, it is scary. We are just not prepared for it. Our houses aren’t centrally heated nor are our workplaces. I walk into a factory and I see the shopfloor workers shivering while they assemble white goods. The pressure is high because its a shipment for the United States. Minimum wage workers earning less than $5 a day, fighting against all odds to earn a living. North India experiences terrible winters every year. Yet, I have not seen a single factory that is centrally air conditioned. I guess the hardships of the shop floor workers are not important enough for the management. Or maybe low cost production doesn’t allow us to install heating for assembly lines. The Indian economy is booming!

The cold wave in North India has claimed several lives. Ofcourse it will. We have millions of homeless who dare below freezing temperatures every night. Imagine going to sleep not knowing if you will wake up. I have been through that once and it is not pleasant. The cold this year is not unique. Every year we face similar drops in temperature and every year we lose lives. The government cannot provide temporary shelters and blankets to all the homeless. The Indian economy is booming!

I have always heard Indians boast that we are very family oriented people. We couldn’t be farther from the truth. I do not come across anyone leaving office before 7pm. In a city like Delhi, most people leave for office at 8am and return home at 8pm. They spend an average of 2.5 hrs in daily commute. While most companies officially state a 5 day week, I have rarely seen anyone free on Saturdays. And even when I leave my office in the evening, I can expect my boss to call me at any God forsaken time. When do we spend time with our families? Family oriented does not mean getting married to the person our parents pick for us. It means spending more quality time with our families. Sadly, very few Indians are truly family oriented today. The Indian economy is booming.

8 Responses to “My mind today”

  1. Why does it seem that there’s an obvious solution to this problem? Why are people living in such dire circumstances? I want to gather all the blankets and coats from my house and send them to India? Would it do any good? This type of thing makes me sad. I guess the world is just very good at looking the other way.

    • Raunak said

      I blame the government for a lot of the mess. People try to do whatever little they can, but at the end of the day it is the government’s responsibility to ensure the well being of every Indian. Afterall, we pay heavy taxes. The system has failed us. Yet, I do not see a revolution in the making….we are too immersed in Karma and too divided by The Laws of Manu to revolt against our government.

      I so crave the beaches of South India. Its crazy cold here up North 🙂

  2. “it is the government’s responsibility to ensure the well being of every Indian.”

    Raunak, no government can do this. Let me try and rephrase this statement. It is the Indian people’s responsibility to choose a government that will enable its citizens to solve their own problems. It sounds like your government is milking its citizens dry with high taxes and I believe layers of bureaucracy. Time to get rid of the carbuncle.

  3. J. Palmer said

    Great commentary, R. You are a true gadfly in the spirit of some of the world’s most revolutionary staus quo challengers. Keep it up and change will follow in your wake.

  4. This is a tremendous and informative piece, Raunak. Such honesty is a rare quality, and such bluntness rarer still.

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