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My management lesson for the day

Posted by Raunak Mahajan on January 9, 2013

Civilizations may be likened to mountain ranges, rising through aeons of geologic time, only to have the forces of erosion slowly but ineluctably nibble them down to the level of their surrounding. Within the far shorter time span of human history, civilizations, too, are liable to erosion as the special constellation of circumstances which provoked their rise passes away, while neighboring people lift themselves to new cultural heights by borrowing from or otherwise reacting to the civilized achievement.

McNeill, The Rise of the West

I find McNeill’s thought very universal. It can be effectively applied to a company’s growth in a competitive market. Market leaders need to realize that “circumstances” which provoke their rise are destined to pass away. Competitors will sooner or later, by either “borrowing” or “reacting”, nullify that advantage. There can be no stronger case against complacency. Continuous innovation and improvement is an eternal truth. Accept it or quit the game.

5 Responses to “My management lesson for the day”

  1. Raunak: one of the best analogies I have seen on the case for innovation and continuous improvement. thanks. Will steal it!

  2. soumyav said

    very true Raunak! Indeed to stay in the market wth a position u have to have continous innovations to cater according to the market needs also to fight back wth the competitor.else its all lost

  3. A gripping life said

    Excellent, Raunak!

    • Raunak said

      Thanks Lisa! I just love it when I can relate principles in one subject to another. There is so much to learn from nature. A lot of our personal and professional problems can be solved by looking at things around us.

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