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Message of the day

Posted by Raunak Mahajan on July 14, 2013

“Dedicate everything to God”

Turned on the TV this morning and saw Joel Osteen preaching. Yes, televangelists have taken over the morning slot on Indian television. Some make sense while others make money. Since I regard Joel to be the former, I didn’t change the channel. Of the many things being talked about, the one that left an impression on me was his message to dedicate everything to God; every word, every action, every desire. How every obstacle would be removed if only we began our endeavors in the name of God. I lit an incense stick and began my day.

Later in the afternoon, while reading “Personal Panchanga and the Five Sources of Light” by Komilla Sutton, I came across the following lines

“Agni (the element Fire) was the primary principle through which the gods communicated with the earth and agni feeds from the offerings given to gods by humans. Agni wants the soul to act in the voice of God, to dedicate all its actions and karma to the gods….If all actions are thus dedicated there is no need to worry about getting any negative effects of karma.”

What I like about this message is the fact that mere dedication of something can work as an offering. Gods do not ask for donations, riches, grand sacrifices that have become the flavor of the day in temples across India. All one needs to do, to seek divine blessing is to dedicate every action to God. That in itself serves as an offering.

A beautiful message from a Christian and a Vedic Source, couldn’t have asked for a better Sunday.

7 Responses to “Message of the day”

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  2. very nice message to follow

  3. annetbell said

    I agree about Joel Osteen and I am a Christian. It is true that there are some charlatans preaching the gospel and getting rich. I would love to hear what your education background. You are obviously well educated and very articulate! Namste…..Anne

    • Raunak said

      Anne,good to hear from you. I’ve done my higher secondary and undergrad (Mechanical Engineering) schooling in a place called Pune in India. Spent a year in Finland studying my Masters in Business Administration and followed that up with a semester at the Columbia Business School in NYC.

      • annetbell said

        That is very impressive . I am in awe of all the whole brain Indian people I have met doing this. Engineer/ poets…. engineer/MBA ! A woman yesterday who speak 6 languages fluently and just a tad of Spanish. Listen…I am rooting for the Indian people….very impressive and I love the gentle, compassionate hearts! Did you like NYC?

      • Raunak said

        nyc rocks…though moving from Helsinki to nyc was tough because I was in love with the former. However, it was when I left nyc that I started missing it. Had a wonderful time there. The energy was electric. Still remember walking in and out of subways, blaring hip hop music in my ears…good life. Also visited a few of the surrounding states and Colorado.

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