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Bath Towels and Marketing

Posted by Raunak Mahajan on December 20, 2013

Seen in my hotel bathroom in Mauritius:

Before putting away the towels for wash think of the large amounts of detergents that go into washing them and the millions of such pollutants entering our waters.

A similar message in my hotel bathroom in India:

Millions of liters of water are used daily in washing bath towels. Put the towels away for wash only if you think they need one. Help conserve water.

I find the above two statements beautiful examples of using behavioral science in putting across messages that are effective. In Mauritius, there is water aplenty. It is not the scarcity of water that concerns people, but the pollution of this natural resource that they hold dear. In India, the depleting water levels are a major worry and wastage of water connects better with the locals. Pollution is secondary because no matter how the water is, we can somehow clean it. The primary focus is the presence of water.

A Marketing Manager would normally duplicate messages across different geographical regions. A Real Marketing Manager would study such underlying differences and tweak the message accordingly. I guess that’s the difference between Good and Great!

6 Responses to “Bath Towels and Marketing”

  1. MaitoMike said

    I concur! When we were in Montréal recently, the only time I ever left my towels in the bathtub (to be washed) was upon checkout. Yes, we could’ve received fresh towels everyday, but there’s no need for it!

  2. Raunak: good message. Behavioural marketing is powerful, if used with other systematic shifts and messaging. Hope you are enjoying your holiday. You deserve it.

  3. Hi Raunak,

    Great post! I noticed similar messages at accommodation in Bali and, like you, was pleased to see it. Having grown up in Australia and on water restrictions due to drought most of my life, some of the things I see people do with perfectly good water like leaving the tap running while they are brushing their teeth(!) seems crazy to me. More awareness about this precious resource and the environmental effects of things like excessive laundry can only be for the better. Happy New Year to you! Hope you’re having a great start to 2014! 🙂

  4. Right on. So many great firms have been humbled when they moved out of their domestic markets thinking no change was necessary in their offering.

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