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Bath Towels and Marketing

Posted by Raunak Mahajan on December 20, 2013

Seen in my hotel bathroom in Mauritius:

Before putting away the towels for wash think of the large amounts of detergents that go into washing them and the millions of such pollutants entering our waters.

A similar message in my hotel bathroom in India:

Millions of liters of water are used daily in washing bath towels. Put the towels away for wash only if you think they need one. Help conserve water.

I find the above two statements beautiful examples of using behavioral science in putting across messages that are effective. In Mauritius, there is water aplenty. It is not the scarcity of water that concerns people, but the pollution of this natural resource that they hold dear. In India, the depleting water levels are a major worry and wastage of water connects better with the locals. Pollution is secondary because no matter how the water is, we can somehow clean it. The primary focus is the presence of water.

A Marketing Manager would normally duplicate messages across different geographical regions. A Real Marketing Manager would study such underlying differences and tweak the message accordingly. I guess that’s the difference between Good and Great!

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I Cannot “Toletare” a bad job

Posted by Raunak Mahajan on September 14, 2012

Another instance where a picture’s worth a thousand words. My commentary follows.


So, a high end construction company in my city could not have chosen two better lines to mess up. And, they have put up these hoardings in several places. I shall not comment on their judgement which thought that people would not see the glaring mistakes. They were right, many don’t. But I’m certainly NEVER going to invest in their projects. Why? Because I am cautious when I invest and I cannot tolerate a bad job! 🙂

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Political Diary: How to Exploit Herd Mentality Trick 1

Posted by Raunak Mahajan on August 16, 2012


This is an Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) that India employs for casting votes. The voter must press the blue button next to the name and symbol of the candidate he or she wants to elect.


3 to 5 loyal supporters at every voting booth in the constituency.

Modus Operandi:

1) On the day of the elections, station 3 to 5 of your loyal supporters at every polling booth in the constituency.

2) Give them strict instructions that they should be among the early birds in line when the polling begins.

3) Just before standing in the line, the perpetrators smudge their forefingers with blue ink.

4) When they press the blue button with their forefinger, they must do it in a way that some of their ink mark gets imprinted on the button and some on the white area around the button. This will be visible in the form of a hazy fingerprint.


When people get to the EVMs to cast their vote, the undecided and the not so strongly decided voters will see the finger imprints on the blue button next to your name and symbol. Their immediate reaction will be to press the same button because they would want to go along with what they have been tricked into believing is public opinion.


I have heard varying claims as to the increase in votes this trick brings to a candidate. However, in an election every vote is priceless. I have not studied the difference in its impact in rural and urban constituencies. I would imagine that herd mentality is more prevalent in the countryside but seeing the growing level of stupidity in city folks, I won’t be surprised if I’m wrong.

Limited Scope:

Once more than one candidate starts using this chicanery, the method loses its utility.


I do not subscribe to or encourage use of such deception. What I have stated above is what I have seen and experienced in real life elections. I strongly support educating the electorate of ways crooked politicians employ to play with their vulnerable psyches.

Featured Image courtesy of Winky from Oxford,UK




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