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When East meets West, Beauty unfolds.

Posted by Raunak Mahajan on October 11, 2012

Inter-mixing produces the most beautiful results, is a hypothesis that I do not yet consider a universal truth. But in case of music and other arts, it sure does hold true.

In philosophy, a society based on political philosophies of the west and spiritual explorations of the east would be a utopian state. A protest led by Mahatma Gandhi and Dr. Martin Luther King would be irrepressible.

I especially love the union of western and eastern music, the sitar being accompanied by a bass guitar or Vedic hymns being sung to western beats. “Govinda” by Kula Shaker remains one of my favorite compositions in this genre. The chanting of the mantra accompanied by the strong background music elevates the listener to a higher dimension. Listen and enjoy!


Would love to hear of other examples where fusion has created magic.

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Ask God for an Enlightened Mind…the Rest is in Your Hands!

Posted by Raunak Mahajan on September 24, 2012

Om bhūr bhuvah svah

tat savitur varenyam

bhargo devasya dhīmahi

dhiyo yo nah pracodayāt

– Gayatri Mantra, Rigveda (3.62.10)

This is one of the most revered mantras from Vedic Hinduism and is an invocation to the Sun God, Savitr for an enlightened mind and stimulated prayer. So why does one of the most widely quoted Vedic mantras, the prayer that symbolizes the break of dawn, ask the Holy One for only an enlightened mind and glory? There is no mention of food, no plea for peace and happiness, no asking forgiveness for our sins. There is no reference to success or failure nor is there any appeal for the good things in life. Why?

Because only the Mind is absolute. Everything else is relative, and in most cases an emotionally conceived illusion. In addition, Mind is a truly free entity. It is divine. We cannot control the thoughts that emanate from it. Yes, we can train ourselves to control how we react to those thoughts and direct them into actions, but we cannot suppress the birth of a thought or check the nature of those thoughts. And for what we humans feel helpless against, we must turn to God.

Everything else, everything, is subordinated to us. We have been blessed with powers to deal with hunger, sadness, stress, sins and evil. Some of us treat these “Imposters” as just that and do not let them affect our lives. The rest of us have capabilities to change the circumstances around us. However this ability relies heavily on having an aware, intelligent and healthy mind.

Hence, prayer to God should seek divine thoughts and an enlightened mind. The rest is in our hands.

As always, comments welcome!

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