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The Company That Can Never Collapse: Universal Bailout

Posted by Raunak Mahajan on August 25, 2012


Many of us hate its founder’s guts. A lot of us dislike its aggressive tactics. Several mocked its IPO pricing and many more have a grin when they look at its current share price. A few million are ruing the fact that they bought into the fairytale story, a bunch of analysts are earning their livelihoods bashing the company day in and day out.


Tons have played with the idea of removing themselves from the company’s inventory, another million have tried an alternate, but realized that nothing matches the real deal.


It is a company that bundles our thoughts, our life patterns and interests into a beautiful product and sells it to advertisers who in turn wish to sell us more things. The only company that gets its raw material free of cost and spends a pittance in processing it into a finished good.


And yet, Facebook is a company that will never collapse, we won’t let it. It is too important for the well being of humankind. Without it, we would suddenly be filled with extra hours in our days that we wouldn’t know what to do with. We would come face to face with friends and not know how to deal with them. We wouldn’t know what to do with the scores of digital images on our cameras. Auxiliary industries worth billions of dollars will face extinction. Life as we know it would cease to exist.


The Armageddon will unite the world in bailing out the company that can never collapse!




4 Responses to “The Company That Can Never Collapse: Universal Bailout”

  1. No one said this was going to be easy. It will take time for revenues to grow, but they are. I would never count FB out.

  2. Gasbagger said


  3. completely true…

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